Diary of a Teenage Nudist – Channel 4

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Diary of a Teenage Nudist – Channel 4.

BBC – BBC Three – Blog: Cherry’s Body Dilemmas: Who would like to change something about their body?

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here is light at the end of the tunnel

At the beginning of this process, I suppose, I secretly felt that body liberation couldn’t truly exist in a culture with such intensive exposure to images of airbrushed women. But much to my surprise Sandra, a naturist from Gloucester, proved me wrong. Ok, ok, so I know that being a naturist isn’t exactly a standard hobby but once I’d acclimatised to seeing people in their birthday suits, I realised that Sandra had a nugget of gold to share. She had taken personal responsibility for her body worries and had decided to change the way she felt about her body. It wasn’t a lightening, overnight moment but it was a gradual, conscious decision to feel happier with her body. She chose to see her body in a new light: as an amazing vehicle that had produced six children and was hers and hers alone. She had stopped comparing herself to other women and, in doing so, she had found a happier, more peaceful relationship with her body. I want me some of that.

This is a huge subject that affects millions of women all over the world. I think that sharing our experiences candidly is absolutely key the to moving forward – I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences on this subject.

via BBC – BBC Three – Blog: Cherry’s Body Dilemmas: Who would like to change something about their body?.

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This site has been created by two British naturists from the south of England and it contains all the latest content relating to British naturist clubs and events, naturist beaches, holidays, videos and naturist related news from Google, Twitter and more.

This website is an online resource to help inform a younger generation of people about what naturism really is and where you can go in terms of clubs, swims and beaches. I do my very best to research clubs around the country first hand to ensure that they are real naturist clubs and nothing seedy, many of which I have included a short review of my own.

If you see any clubs or information that you think needs amending then please contact me straight away to ensure that everything is accurate and up-to-date as well as above board. Also, if this site does not work in Internet Explorer that’s Microsofts problem not mine, please use a different browser such as Google Chrome or Firefox. Thank you.

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